What are different kinds of gymnastics?


Gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of strength, and balance. There are different types of gymnastics that gymnast can partake in, the most popular for women's gymnastics is the floor routine. In the floor routine the gymnast mixes different jumps, twists and tumbles with dance moves that come together to make up a whole routine that they are scored on. Men also do the floor routine but are often more excited about doing the uneven bars of vault routines.
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The workout, or practice, leotard is the most basic kind a gymnast can wear. Its cut is similar to a one-piece bathing suit, with straps over the shoulders and high or low cut styles
Answer There are three types of gymnastics- Artistic, aerobic and Rythmic. Artistic- this is when gymnasts compete indivdually on many different pieces of equipment such as vault,
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Dear Jade, Unfortunately, a listing of all the "stunts" or "skills" in the sport of gymnastics would fill a book. In fact, the book is called the "Code of
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