What Are Different Types of Electronic Communications?


Electronic mail (email) was one of the first forms of electronic communication. Emails are typed messages sent instantaneously from one person to another. To send an email, you need an email account (such as gmail or Optimum Online) and the email
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The Different Types of Communication
The different types of communication are distinguished by the channels or methods that the message or information is transferred. There are three basic types of communication with specific categorizing channels, according to Flat World Knowledge. The... More »
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The three main types of communication are: body language, voice tonality and words. Other types include mass communication and graphic communication.
Types of Communication. Talking and typing. I think the types of communication based on our subject communication 101 are: Intrapersonal. Interpersonal. Group. Mass. Organizational.
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The different types of communication are verbal, non-verbal, visual communication and written communication method. The audience and the medium and the agency ...
The two commonly known types of communication skills are; the intra-personal and interpersonal skills. The intra-personal communication skills revolve around individual ...
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