What are the different types of pulleys?


A pulley is a kinetic energy system that works by using ropes to go around a wheel in order to save energy or time. There are three main types of pulleys. The first type is a fixed pulley, which doesn't move anywhere. There are also movable pulleys, and compound pulleys, which can incorporate both of the other types of pulley in it's design.
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movable. single. multiple. fixed. inclined.
Fixed pulley wheels don't move up and down but are fastened to a fixed structure, like the top of a flagpole. The load arm (lift up) and effort arm (pull down) of the cable are equal
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Different Types of Pulleys
Pulleys provide a mechanical advantage when lifting heavy loads. A pulley system consists or either a rope, belt or a chain wrapped around a wheel. A pulley's main function is to change the direction of the force or transmit rotational motion, making it... More »
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