Disadvantages of Exams?


One of the main disadvantages of exams is the pressure that a test puts on the students to perform. This can cause lower grades. Other disadvantages include that exams only indicate knowledge and learning on particular questions, exams can miss a topic a student excels at and some students cannot remember everything they have learned.
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-they increases stress, stifling, tension and difficulties.there would be a lot of stress on the students to pass the examinations.this results in a lot of students falling prey to
neet is for direct admission to a medical college. there are alot of advantages and disadvantages. Advantage 1 - Before this declaration a student had to undergo the pressure of appearing
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Vaginal exams can be discouraging and depressing for a woman who is progressing slowly or is not as dilated as she had hoped she would be. This may contribute to the woman feeling
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