Disadvantages of Mining?


Mining is an activity where crews dig into the ground in search of certain minerals and materials, like gold, silver, and coal. Mining has its disadvantages too due to the type of environment the miners work in and also due to the resources they both use and mine. Most materials are mined because they are precious and not found everywhere. Generally these materials cannot be manufactured either, leading to a dwindling resource. The work itself is also dangerous, both from illnesses and accidents.
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Pollution. Pollutive cyanide can turn beautiful creeks nasty. Gas trapped for tens of thousands of years is released and it is pollutive.
Strip mining is a type of surface mining that involves excavating earth,
Tailings. Nickel Tailings No. 34, Sudbury, Ontario 1996 by Edward Burtynsky. source: http://www.edwardburtynsk. y.com/.
The resources we currently have are on this planet and if it's not grown or harvested, it's mined. The advantages are the resources (e.g. copper, lead, coal, gravels) that we all
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