Do Fruit Flies Bite People?


Fruit flies do not bite people. However, they do produce secretive digestive fluid that results to a small appendage once it is sucked up into the digestive system. The cycle of this kind of flies normally take as little as eight days.
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1. Fill a wide-mouthed jar 1/4 full with beer, fruit juice or sugar water. Tear off a small sheet of plastic wrap and place it tightly over the jar top. 2. Secure the plastic in place
Most flies dont bite. When they do, it is to protect themselves. Also, because they are zombies/vampire mix breeds so they suck you blood and eat your flesh. LOL JKS you're just skitso
It might not deter them, but they won't like it. Fruit flies like fermenting fruit, which usually is infested with yeast, which the flies eat. Fermenting can actually deter mold,
No. Fruit flies consume decaying vegetable matter. They pose no threat to
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