Do Hydrangeas Need Sun or Shade?


There are many types of hydrangeas and some can tolerate more sun/shade than others. However, most prefer scattered sunlight and have a preference for morning sun. In extremely hot climates, some hydrangeas can survive in deeper shade.
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Endless Summer hydrangeas are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 4 through 9, several zones colder than regular mophead hydrangeas. This is because of the
direct sun (light or rays) can burn leaves
When choosing a location for your hydrangeas, you should choose one
UNLEASH YOUR HYDRANGEAS FLOWER POWER! Secrets of proper care and feeding for your hydrangea. Hydrangeas are full sun to partial shade plants that appreciate moist, well-drained soil
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Do Hydrangeas Need Sun or Shade?
Hydrangeas are flowering shrubs that do well in many climates, according to the website Hydrangeas Hydrangeas. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with puffball flowers in many pastel hues and make attractive dried flowers.... More »
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The further north you live, the more sun hydrangeas need and can withstand. But no hydrangea will do well in heavy shade.
Hydrangeas are quite beautiful flowering bushes. They do not like strong, hot sun but they will need a good amount of sunlight each day in order to grow properly. They seem to grow best in morning sun and in afternoon shade. This may make the desirable spot for them in your yard easier to find. You will want to do the proper amount of watering and fertilizing as well as protecting the hydrangea from pests and disease in order to see the beautiful blooms they produce.
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