Do killer whales eat great white sharks?


Killer whales are known to kill and eat great white sharks. The killer whale, also known as the Orca is the largest type of Dolphin and one of the World's most powerful predators in the oceans.
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great whites are largergreat whites are faster at swimminggreats whites are the best diving animal in the planetgreats whites have the largest teeth for fish and the strongest jaws
Killer whales, or Orcas (32 feet long, weighing 6 tons) are
Despite the fact that they have both had history with killing people. I agree with most people saying that a killer whale is so much cooler. I mean come on! They are soo cute and
Killer whales normally grow from 6.5 - 8m long (20-25 ft), and great white sharks can reachlengths of about 6 metres (20 ft). Thanks for 82asing!
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Killer Whales eat a variety of species, ranging from fish to warm-blooded prey such as birds, seals or even other whales.
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