Do magic mushrooms show up in drug tests?


Magic mushrooms show up in a urine test for two to five days and in a saliva test for one to five days after consumption, according to Psilocybin, the naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms, is also detectable in a hair follicle test for up to 90 days.

The amount of time psilocybin shows up on a drug test varies considerably based on a person's metabolism, age, body mass, hydration level, physical activity, health condition and other factors, according to Because of all these factors, it is impossible to determine an exact length of time that psilocybin might show up in a drug test for any individual person.

Used for thousands of years by humans, magic mushrooms produce a hallucinogenic effect that typically lasts for two to five hours, according to Wikipedia. Over 100 species of magic mushrooms throughout the world contain psilocybin. Of those varieties, the majority grow in Mexico with over 50 species identified. However, there are also species that grow in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa and Australia. While both the caps and stems are typically consumed, the caps consistently contain more of the psilocybin that creates the mind-altering effect on the body.

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Magic mushrooms would show up as a tryptamine on some drug tests, although it is very uncommon to test for these substances.
Magic Mushrooms will show up in a drug test
Any drugs that contain an amphetamine, such as Adderall, Dexedrine, Dextroamphet, Dextrostat, Didrex, ProCentra, and Vyvanse, as well as Benzedrine or Psychedrine.
4 days.
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