Do You Tip Furniture Delivery Men?


There is no rule that says you need to tip a furniture delivery service member. Most businesses do not allow the employees to take tips from customers. If you would like to offer a tip do so but if the employee refuses understand that they may not be able to due to company policy.
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1. Plan ahead by making sure you have some singles, $5 and $10 bills available for tipping when you're expecting delivery service providers. Designate an envelope that you keep in
10 to 15% of the cost of the delivary before the discount or $10 per guy.
It's recommended to tip about $20 per large piece
If delivery men are careful with both the merchandise that they are delivering and the walls in my house, and if they are respectful, my general rule of thumb is to tip them anywhere
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You are not supposed to tip furniture delivery men. However, you are always welcome to tip them if you feel they deserve it. ...
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