Does Peroxide Kill Head Lice?


Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to treat head lice and is considered one of the more natural home remedies. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with two parts water, and borax will can help to kill lice on someone's head. It can also kill lice on beds and pillows.
Q&A Related to "Does Peroxide Kill Head Lice?"
Medical Treatment 1 Contact a physician. Expect to be referred directly to a pharmacy for a "pediculicide," prescription medicated shampoo. that is "neuro-toxic."
1 Buy a bottle of pediculicide (lice treatment). Pediculicides are available over-the-counter or by prescription. Choose a well-reviewed brand that others have found effective. If
quote "it kills the lice well, not exactly it stuns them and lice cant breed when they asorbe "salt" through there breathing holes witch they can block for up to 45
The best method is to buy a nit-comb and learn to use it properly. . Wash the hair, and apply plenty of conditioner so it's slippy and easy to comb but hard for the lice to cling
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