What are some edible freshwater fish?


There are many breeds of freshwater fish. Actually most breeds that are found in freshwater are edible. A few of the better known freshwater fish include perch, blue gill, trout, salmon, walleye, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, white fish, and pike. There are some that say that freshwater fish have a muddy taste but this simply isn't true, unless you are fishing in a polluted stream. Fish taste like fish, and they are make quite tasty dishes.
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1. Obtain a fish identification guide that provides pictures and descriptions of the major types of freshwater fish. You can obtain a comprehensive guide from a national source such
If you mean species versus species... Because there is more salt water versus fresh water. According to the ever popular source (wikipedia) oceans hold 97% of the earth's water. Statistically
most freshwater fish l can think of, their roe is safe. including trout and salmon. a short list of freshwater roe l have eaten with no harmful effects: bluegill, redear, other small
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Kinds of Edible Freshwater Fishes
Freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds hold numerous species that make excellent table fare. Freshwater fish are cooked using a variety of techniques including frying, baking, broiling and grilling. Always check local regulations regarding specific size... More »
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