Effect of Exercise on Respiratory System?


The effects of exercise on the respiratory system are dependent on changes that occur
inalveolar CO2 levels. In people of good health, the short-term effects of exercise on the respiratory system shows a rise in CO2 levels. This is irregardless of the breathing route. The route so breathing include nasal, Mal, or a combination between the two. A resulting expansion of arteries and arterioles offers an improved blood and 02 delivery to all parts of the body.
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During exercise the muscle cells use up more oxygen and produce increased amounts of carbon dioxide. Your lungs and heart have to work harder to supply the extra oxygen and remove
Well for one thing, hemoglobin-O2 dissociation in the muscles increases -- this means that more O2 is unloaded for use in the metabolically active cell. Hb-O2 relationship is usually
what are the seven long term effects of exercise on the circulatory system.
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