Ellen Degeneres Show Telephone Number?


There is no listed phone number for the Ellen Degeneres Show. If the production company were to list a public phone number they would need to hire extra help just to answer questions from viewers. There is a mailing address listed for fans to use in order to order tickets or to enter giveaways. The Ellen Degeneres show is on Monday through Friday and is an Emmy Award winning show. Ellen and her wife Portia have no children and live in California.
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1. Go to the official website at ellen.warnerbros.com. Click on the "tickets" link just below the main banner. 2. Click on a date in the calendar on the ticket page. If
If you are calling for tickets, dial 818-954-5929 and be sure to call
It was first taped from 2003-2008 at NBC Studios in Burbank. Begining with this season it will be recorded at Warner Bros. Studios also in Burbank.
1 Write her a letter. Ellen is very kind hearted and very easily touched. You can take advantage of that in a good way. If you write her a strong lengthy letter her producers may
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