How do I take care of my endless summer hydrangea?


The care of endless summer hydrangeas is covered in five categories: location, pruning, protection from freeze, fertilizer and watering. The endless summer hydrangea is known for longer blooming periods due to blooms on new growth as well as past years' growth.

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1. Measure out a 4-foot-square section in the area of the garden that receives full morning sun with filtered afternoon sun. Endless Summer hydrangeas can grow 3 to 5 feet wide and
Your endless summer hydrangeas are starving and asking for food! You need to provide them with more water and fresh fertilizer.
Endless summer hydrangea blooms on old and new wood. If
tho the hydrangea plant loves a lot of water the plant will suffer if the soil is constantly very may cause the roots to rot particularly if the plant was recently planted
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Endless Summer Hydrangea Care Instructions
The endless summer hydrangea is a well-adapted hydrangea plant that can grow in a colder climate and survive winters in frozen ground. This variety of hydrangea is one of the best for home gardeners because of its hardiness and features. The endless... More »
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Plant endless summer hydrangea during late spring in a location that receives at least six hours of bright sunlight each day and has well-drained, rich soil. Space ...
Summer Hydrangeas need to be winterized in order to prepare it for snow and cold weather or temperatures. You start winterizing by tying a colourful string around ...
It is best to prune the endless summer hydrangea in the spring. Early spring is the best time for pruning. When pruning the hydrangea just remove the old blooms. ...
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