Engine Lifter Noise?


There are three main causes for hearing engine lifter noises. One of these reasons is you could have a bad lifter. Engines go through wear and tear just like anything else, if the lifter is bad it can become loose and cause a knocking or pinging noise. Dirty oil deposits are another cause of a noisy engine. Oil is supposed to be smooth running and if it is sitting in your engine too long it can clump up and stick to the walls of the lifter. Lastly, you could have a bent push rod. If you frequently drive your car like you are in the Indy 500, the excessive accelerations cause the push rod to lift and bend.
Q&A Related to "Engine Lifter Noise?"
Things You'll Need. Basic hand tools. Floor jack. Jack stands. Oil flushing solvent. Drain pan. Engine oil. Oil filter. Instructions. Check the oil level. If the oil level is low
well adding 300-400 ml of ATF (automatic transmission fluid) to your oil will help with that noise. It is kinda rag tag though, it will not fix the problem, it just makes the noise
Get the heads worked on or replaced it might need a valve lashment.
Low oil, oil that has been thinned. Oil can be thinned by gas for example when there is a misfire or not changing the oil during the winter in colder climates. The excessive fuel
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