How old is the episcopalian religion?


The Episcopal Church, which I am a member, was organized right after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Many members were loyalists to the Crown and fled to Canada or immigrated to England. The remaining were supportive of the new American
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The word Episcopalian comes from the Greek word Episcopos which means
Pentecost, shortly after the Ascension. At the time, it was part of the single Christian Church, which divided a thousand years later into Eastern and Western Churches, but with both
Worship is the essential element of being an Episcopalian. So find an Episcopal Church near you and attend a service this Sunday! In the meantime, find a local church and get a grounding
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Episcopalian refers to an adherent or a member of the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is a constituent of the Anglican Communion and it is found mainly ...
The religion of Samuel Chase was Episcopalian. Chase was a delegate from Maryland who signed the Declaration of Independence. ...
The religion of Jack Straw is Anglican /Episcopalian. He was born on 3rd August in 1946 in England and he is a politician by profession and was once a Leader of ...
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