What are some examples of cleaning schedules?


Having daily cleaning schedules will make your place of work and even your home a comfortable place to be. Example cleaning schedules show the method of cleaning, who is to clean which date and verification that cleaning has actually been carried out. Cleaning schedules are mostly designed by cleaning companies for its workers so that each worker knows which day he will clean which part of the building. A cleaning schedule can also be used in homes to show which parts of the house are to be washed and on which dates. The method of washing is also indicated.
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Chores. Typical chores included in a master cleaning schedule are vacuuming, mopping, washing the dishes and taking out the trash. Time Frame. Time frames for a master cleaning schedule
1 Collect your cleaning supplies. A cleaner without supplies is a like a dog-walker without a leash! Purchase a bin with a handle to store all your cleaning essentials in one spot
it is a list of thing that is to be done at a given time.
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