What Is an Example of an Academic Interest or Activity?


Academic interests are basically anything that is education related that you are interested in and enjoy. This can be anything from biology, history and chemistry, through to law, psychology, or sociology. Academic interests and activities are usually linked to high achievement and intrinsic motivation for the subjects.
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I'm filling out a HIGH SCHOOL application for a magnet school. On the application, one of the questions asks me to describe my most important academic interest or activity in ...show
Some recent studies on cheating by Dan Ariely are interesting.1] In one study, students were given problems to solve and paid per solved problem. Some of those students were allowed
It means a scholarly or scientific interest in sex and sexuality.
There are anti-academic schools of education, limited academic talent of
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Academic interests are the classes or courses that prospective college or university students are interested in taking. In most cases, academic interests are related to a major. If a student has varied interests, they can double major or have a major and a minor. Examples of academic interests include, advertising, business, criminology, engineering, marketing, sociology, and zoology. In some cases, a students academic interests will determine which school they apply to, as not all schools have the same variety of classes.
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