What is a dedication?


A dedication is a written sentiment to a person, and it is commonly found at the beginning of books. There are other forms of dedications, such as when a person or group is acknowledged in a speech. It is also a strong feeling a person can have.

Many writers place a small paragraph at the beginning of their books that acknowledges a person for his commitment or inspiration to the writer. Many screenwriters, songwriters and poets place a dedication at the beginning of their work as a thank you to the person that inspired their work. Other types of dedications are for buildings that are were constructed with a person in mind. For example, if the person donated the money to construct a new hospital wing, then the hospital is likely too name it or dedicate the building to him.

Dedication is also a term used to describe strong feelings that an individual has about a cause, group or another person. For example, people who care deeply about animals have a dedication to animal rights, and they voice their opinions on the subject matter. Dedication in this manner is just a state of being in which they have strong person belief about their cause.

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