Example of Reflex Action?


A reflex action is the action an organism makes in response to stimuli. An example of a reflex action in humans is sweating when the person gets too hot. Sweating is uncontrollable, it is performed automatically by the body without any thought on the part of the person. Another example of reflex action is coughing and sneezing when something enters the nose. The diaphragm muscles suddenly contract without the person being aware that his muscles are being used. This causes the material to come out.
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blinking,coughing,sneezing,with trawing of hands when you touch a hot object,burping.
An example of a
Protective reflexes that remain throughout life. a. heat - pain withdrawal reflex. b. choking - cough reflex to irritation of tracheae for a sudden expulsion of air. d. fear - fight
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