Examples Transaction Processing Systems?


Examples of transaction processing systems are the systems used by banks and credit card companies to track customer's purchases using these cards. Transaction processing systems are designed to track and process individual operations. The software that accomplishes this operates with no variations allowed. An example of a variation would be something like a customer's need to immediately stop any further transactions from being approved. To accomplish that variation in the software program's routine, the customer must manually notify the bank or credit card company.
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Definition: A Transaction Processing System (TPS) is a type of information system that collects, stores, modifies and retrieves the data transactions of an enterprise. Example: Airline
A translation is usually buying something. So your prof wants bank, airline, book-buying sites.
A transaction is a group of operations that is essentially treated as a single operation. A transaction cannot complete partially and either succeeds or fails as a whole. The purpose
( tran′sak·shən ′prä′ses·iŋ ′sis·təm ) (computer science) A system which processes predefined transactions, one at
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