Examples of active transport?


Active transport is the process by which cells use cellular energy to move needed molecules through the cell membrane as opposed to passive transport in which no cellular energy is used. These molecules could include glucose or proteins. An example of active transport can be found in the intestines where active transport is used to transport glucose into the intestines. On a plant level, an example of active transport is found when plants use it to transport mineral ions into its root hairs.
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An example of active transport is sugar molecules going into a cell. It cannot pass right through like water and oxygen so it uses active transport.
An example of active transport is the movement of particles up an
Active transport is the movement of a substance against its concentration energy. Examples of active transport include the uptake of glucose in the intestines in humans and the uptake
Active transport requires the cell to spend energy, usually in the form of ATP. Examples are transport of large molecules (non-lipid) and sodium-potassium pump.
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