How is Mexico an example of autocracy?


It isn't. It is a federal presidential representative republic, just like the United States.
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Nepal, where constitutions are put on "hold". MOST recently Pakistan where Musharraf has
The entire Universe is an autocracy because it's under the rule of one dictatorial God who controls every facet of our reality including our destinies. This is why evil flourishes
The Autocracy government has foloowing characteristics : 1)-The vehicle class which demands the human power to drive them rather than fossil fuels. 2)-But there is fuel supply to
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An autocracy is any system of government in which the power and authority to rule are in the hands of a single individual. This is one of the most common and oldest ... 1. Totalitarian. 2. Single Party. 3. Military State. 4. Personalistic. ...
An autocracy is a method of command in which the political authority is apprehended by a solitary self-proclaimed monarch. The word autocrat is derivative from ...
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