What are examples of cline?


A cline is a term used in ecology and biology. A cline is also known as an ecocline. Julian Huxley was the first person to use the word cline in 1938. There are approximately four examples of a cline. The examples are the thermcline, chemocline, halocline, and the pycnocline. Further, the ring species is a specific type of cline that is geographical distrubution is shaped as a circle and overlap with each other unlike other types.
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It's a neologism, an ignorant back-formation from the word "incline" by someone who had no knowledge of the history of the word. Your vocabulary is improved by its absence
I'm going with this one: c. In one species of rabbit, the ones that evolved in cold, snowy north are white, while the ones that evolved in the south are brown Check out "Barron's
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a cline is a "graded sequence of difference within a species" Greek "klino" meaning, to slope. words would fit into the same statement but each would have a different
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