Examples of Database Software?


A collection or collections of data is known as a database. A database is a software system used in companies, schools, homes, and hotels. The date helps companies decide how much of one thing is needed or is avaible. A few examples of database software are a graph database, hypertext, knowledge base, deductive database, spatial database, temporal database, terminology-oriented database, and federated database system. Each computer, smartphone, tablet, and laptop for the home has its own database software included.
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Wondering, what is database software? Database software is an application designed to store, organize and manage information. A Table of Contents Database software uses tables (similar
There are many of them. Here are just 10: Microsoft Access. Oracle. MySQL. Dbase. Progress. Base (Open Office) Ingres. Filemaker. Informix. Lotus Approach.
1. Check reviews in computer magazines and on the Internet to narrow your choices. 2. Try the database module in Microsoft Works, if Works came with your computer, or consider using
1 Determine what you want the database to do. Base your decision on how the software meets the needs of your organization, rather than familiarity with the platform that the program
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Examples of Database Management Software
Database software organizes and stores data in such a way that the tables are searchable and questions may be answered. These tools are available in a number of different configurations, scalable to use by the individual or a globally-dispersed... More »
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