Examples of Deviant Behavior?


Deviant behavior is found in common criminals and people who commit more tragic crimes such as rape and murder. Some examples of deviant behavior are pedophiles raping their young victims, husbands stabbing their wives to death, and mothers killing their children. In the early to late 1900's, these people that showed types of deviant behavior were sent to mental institutions to be cured. They were not cured, they were experimented on. Many had lobotomy's that failed and left the person damaged and sometimes even dead.
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Having sex with a corpse.
Deviant Workplace Behaviour is an Individual behaviour that does not conform to the Workplace norms and values, and doing so effects the organisational structure, harmony and performance
1. Take your time. Many therapy patients experience an undue amount of pressure to spill their deepest, darkest psychological secrets to their therapist as soon as possible. However
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