Examples of Formal Regions?


A formal region a place that has a characteristic that is common throughout the area. Everyone lives in formal region, but they are not all the same sizes. The regions are country, continents, and Providences. These places are made up of water, climate, soils, landforms, and vegetation. A couple of examples of formal regions would be the language spoken to the accent a person has. Further, if the country or place celebrates the same traditions it is considered a formal region.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Formal Regions?"
A region within which French is spoken by, say 90 percent of the population can be defined as a formal region, because it has a uniformity in it.
A formal region is characterized by a common human property, such as the
d) Canada.
A region marked by relative uniformity of characteristics, such as the Scottish Highlands. The variations within the region are less than variations between the region and other areas
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