Examples of Literary Texts?


A written work that is often a narrative and seen as a worthwhile body of work is a literary text. Literary texts are works of literature, including books, that convey a message. They can also be one of two categories of reading text assessed on the High School Proficiency Exam and the Measurement of Student Progress which classifies literary works by form, technique, or content usually. Examples of literary text include essays, short stories, novels, epics, and comedies.
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http://www.enotes.com/literary-terms/homily. this should help :
A simple example would be something like this: " Let's pass swiftly over the vicar's predilection for cream cakes. Let's not dwell on his fetish for Dolly Mixture. Let's not
In medias res is Latin for "into the middle of
I think my favorite is the first line from Lolita. It is positively magic and draws you into an amazing story in a way that is absolutely enchanting. Lolita, light of my life, fire
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