Examples of Miscommunication?


There are many different types of miscommunication that can happen. Miscommunication can happen any where. It can happen while working, playing, or having a family get together. There are many examples of miscommunication that you can find. One example of miscommunication is getting an email and reading one thing into it, and the actual meaning is something else entirely. Another form of miscommunication is through verbal communication. Spoken word can be misconstrued just because of tone.
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this is an incident when i was working in a call centre. I was on a call solving customer issue. when i was on call, at the same time ; my team leader came with some important process
but not necessarily in terms of mistranslation... There are plenty of historical events that show a mistranslation or failure to translate. I'm looking for a miscommunication. The
Most of them were quite funny. Often in China, I was embarrassed by my own difficult grasp on the language. For me, fluency and eloquence -- these are the staples of my life. The
Misconception is like a bad idea or error in thought.Miscommunication is to no communicate clearly.
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