Examples of Non Biodegradable Products?


Non-biodegradable products are the products that do not breakdown, decay, or decompose into simpler forms of matter. Nature cannot reuse the products when they are discarded. Material that is not organic is non-biodegradable as opposed to biodegradable products that are made of organic materials. Products made with non-organic materials are non-biodegradable products or non-biodegradable material or waste. Some examples of non-biodegradable products include plastics, foam drinking cups, circuit boards, ceramics, metals, oil, aluminum cans, and glass bottles.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Non Biodegradable Products?"
Some non-biodegradable items are, Styrofoam, freon, and some radioactive waste.
Actually all products are biodegradable, but the time span would be so long that for practical purposes we call them non-biodegradable. Plastics Polyurethane foam (stuffing in furniture
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