Examples of ocean decomposers?


Ocean decomposers are the living factors that occupy an important role in the ecological food chain. They are considered to act as cleaners for the oceanic ecosystem as they thrive by decomposing the organic wastes of dead plants and animals, both in water and on land. Notable examples of ocean decomposers include many different types of seaweed, shrimp, crabs, sea urchins, numerous fish, and many different types of bacteria and fungi, which play an important role in freeing the last of the minerals and nutrients from organic matter and recycling them back into the food chain.
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Salt water is a very strong de-composer.it will dissolve many things. All life decomposes its food, Plankton would be the strongest because of the huge volume of plankton. 0 0 Comment
A few decomposers of the ocean would be. bacteria, fungus, marine worms, sea slugs, sea worms, brittle stars, and seagulls. seagulls aren't actually. in the ocean though. There's
Lobsters, crabs, prawns, starfish, brittlestars, featherstars, and many
Three examples of decomposers are bacteria, fungi and earthworms. Decomposers are organisms that breaks down the dead or decaying living organisms.
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