Examples of Omnivores?


Omnivores are an animal or person that eats food from both plant and animal origins. They eat other animals, or meat, as well as plants and vegetables. An omnivore means all-eater, meaning they will eat all types of food. Some omnivores hunt but often they are opportunistic feeders. Many mammals are omnivores. Some examples of omnivores include bears, badgers, skunks, sloths, mice, squirrels, ravens, sea turtles, pigs, and humans. Omnivores are polyphage species meaning consumer of variety of material as significant food.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Omnivores?"
An omnivore is an animal that eats both meat and vegetation. Most mammals are omnivores, and many birds are too.
Marine turtles are omnivores. Certain varieties eat shrimp and kelp or other
An omnivore is a organism which eats both plants and meat,An example is a human.
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