Examples of Operant Conditioning in Everyday Life?


Operant conditioning is a type of learning where an individuals behavior is modified because of the consequences of the behavior. The change can modify the form, strength, or the frequency of the behavior. There are many real life examples of operant conditioning, such as a child learning to clean his or her room, because he or she knows they will get time to watch TV after. Another example is a child learning not to hit because he was punished after hitting another child before.
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Applying it to your life is actually very easy. If you start by just observing people around you, whether they are co-workers, or your significant other, and just marking whenever
Negative reinforcement is a term described by B. F. Skinner in
Drivers not yielding to pedestrians the right of way.
I need an example that can work for both classical AND operant conditioning, or a real life example that shows how the two are either similar or different. Either of these three .
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