Examples of Partnerships?


A partnership is the state of being a partner or partners. It is an association of two or more people as partners. There are many types of partnerships and it is a way of creating tangible and intangible benefits including economic development. It is an arrangement where parties have agreed to work together to advance mutual interests. Some examples of types of partnerships include business, schools, government, and interest-based organizations. Partnerships can be found in non-profit, religious, and political organizations.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Partnerships?"
A partnership would be two or more individuals who decide to share
The Dulla Greenway Project in the Washington D.C. area of Virginia. The Greenway is a leading example of the current trend towards the privatization of public facilities. The Greenway
Many different types of strategic partnerships exist. An organization might form a partnership with its customers, suppliers, or competitors. It might form a partnership with an organization
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