What are some examples of computer processing devices?


Examples of computer processing devices include the central processing unit, motherboard and memory of a computer. These devices are responsible for storing and retrieving information.

A central processing unit is the control center of a computer. It stores program instructions and converts data. The motherboard connects the CPU, memory, video card, hard drive and other computer components together. Memory holds the instructions for processing data. This type of memory only stores data for as long as it is needed to operate a specific program. Because a processing device is simply any device that deals with information inputs and outputs, network cards and graphics cards are also examples of processing devices.

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Processor is a big example of process device.
The mouse is one of the most basic input devices. It is an input device that sends commands to the computer from the user. There are two basic types of mouse: analog and optical.
The best example I've seen so far is. SixthSense. by Pranav Mistry and Pattie Maes at MIT's Media Labs. Here is a demo from TED: http://www.ted.com/index. php/tal.
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