Examples of Risk Taking?


Risk taking refers to a tendency to engage in activities that may be dangerous or harmful. Examples of risk taking include bungee jumping, skydiving, asking someone out on a date, cycling with no hands, jumping over the Snake River on a motorcycle (Evil Knievel attempted this in 1974 but failed), rock climbing, gambling, engaging in unprotected sexual behavior, taking illegal drugs, participating in sports, asking your boss for a raise, taking a class, starting a blog, driving a car with bald tires on a snowy slick road. Actually anything you do in life outside of sleeping can be a risk, some risks are more dangerous than others, but if you want to avoid all risks you might as well stay in bed.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Risk Taking?"
Instructions. Determine which activities are the risky ones. Risk generally comes from having imperfect information. The stock price might go up or down, the technology you're researching
1 Think first! Is your risk a dangerous one? Will it be harmful in any way shape for form to you or anyone you care about? If your risky activity seems a little too dangerous it would
Overchewing your food is inherently risky. Tooth grinding is a leading cause of child starvation in first-world nations. Raise global awareness.
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