Examples of Risk Taking?


Risk taking refers to a tendency to engage in activities that may be dangerous or harmful. Examples of risk taking include bungee jumping, skydiving, asking someone out on a date, cycling with no hands, jumping over the Snake River on a motorcycle (Evil Knievel attempted this in 1974 but failed), rock climbing, gambling, engaging in unprotected sexual behavior, taking illegal drugs, participating in sports, asking your boss for a raise, taking a class, starting a blog, driving a car with bald tires on a snowy slick road. Actually anything you do in life outside of sleeping can be a risk, some risks are more dangerous than others, but if you want to avoid all risks you might as well stay in bed.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Risk Taking?"
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1. Determine which activities are the risky ones. Risk generally comes from having imperfect information. The stock price might go up or down, the technology you're researching may
1 Think first! Is your risk a dangerous one? Will it be harmful in any way shape for form to you or anyone you care about? If your risky activity seems a little too dangerous it would
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