Examples of Social Change?


Social change refers to a change in the social order of a given society. The causes of social change can be grouped by the type of change. For example, the invention of the gasoline engine led to the development of farming equipment that was more efficient than a horse or mule. The use of farming equipment as well as the ability to irrigate farmlands led to excess food production. Excess food production led to farmers being able to make more money. Farmers making more money stimulated the economy. This was a technological change. There are also industrial changes, such as the move from handwork to industrial and more mechanized forms of production.
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Social changes would materialize for a person when his circumstances changes; such as, enrollment at a new school; beginning a new job; a new personal relationship; Intellectual changes
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What is Social Change? Social change, in its broadest meaning, is defined by any change to a society as a whole. It follows the idea that society is a constantly changing entity rather
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