Examples of Translucent Material?


Materials that are translucent are those that can be seen through, although the light may be diffused by the material itself. Examples of translucent material includes most types and colors of glass, many types of clear plastic, some fluids, all gases, the skin of most humans (you can see your veins through your skin), some parts of plant materials particularly flower petals, waxed paper, glass block, sunglasses, frosted glass, sheer cloth such as lace, organdy, or tulle, tracing paper, plate glass, and clean water
Q&A Related to "Examples of Translucent Material?"
glass is translucent
Glass, paper, plastics, and finely cut stone are all translucent
1. Cut your pantyhose or other translucent material so it is big enough to stretch over your lens. 2. Extend your lens if you are using a point-and-shoot camera. 3. Stretch the material
Translucent materials are those which allows the light to pass through it in defuse manner. In addition, a translucent material reflects some of the light that hits it, making the
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