What is an exophytic cyst?


An exophytic cyst is a cyst or lesion that develops outside an organ of the body but that affects that organ. For women, one of the most common exophytic cysts is known as an ovarian cyst. These often-benign cysts form on the outside wall of one of a woman's ovaries. Another common exophytic cyst is a kidney cyst. Often these cysts develop on the kidneys of the elderly. Most of the time these cysts are harmless and aren't removed unless they continue to get larger.
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An exophytic cyst is a cyst which is outside of the structure in question. A recent patient of mine had an ovarian cyst and an exophytic cyst. The ovarian cyst was within the ovary,
Renal cysts are very common in people and are nothing to be concerned about. Exophytic means that this cyst sticks out from the body of the kidney. The cysts is just a fluid filled
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