How is tin extracted?


by heating carbon.
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1. Obtain several large pieces of cassiterite-rich rock. This rock contains tin in the form of SnO2. It has a dull brown color, and can be bought online or at a mineral show. 2. Crush
Tin. The chief ore of tin is cassiterite or tinstone, SnO2. This ore contains about 10% of tin. Tin is extracted from cassiterite through the following steps: 1. The crushed ore is
i think they used carbon to extract the metal from it's ore, because these mtals are not very reactive. :0)
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Tin is easily extracted from its ore through the following steps. The ore is crushed and washed with water to remove lighter impurities after which it is then ...
by heating carbon ...
Tin is extracted from its ore by heating it with carbon. The only commercially recovered ore of tin is. casserite., with contains an oxide of tin (SnO. 2.). Use ...
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