How to Transfer a Color Photo Onto Fabric.?


1. Take or locate the photos or images you would like to transfer onto fabric and upload them to your computer. Use a word processing program or photo editor like Irfanview or Photoshop to re-size, sharpen, enhance or modify the images to fit your
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Make sure you have a wet shirt. The picture you want on the shirt. Choose it. Make sure the right side of the picture is facing the shirt. so you see the white. put the iron on top
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hi susan they have tranfer paper and pencils that one can trace designs from books or pictures and iron onto fabric for stitching. here are some sites to get you started. vi
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You can transfer your photo onto fabric material for a great craft project. Use it for clothing, quilts or other crafts. To get started, buy some iron-on transfer ...
If you want to transfer photos to fabric, first print the photos out on iron-on transfer paper, which is available at most office and home supply stores. Make ...
1. Choose a white or light-colored piece of fabric for this craft. You need a pure fabric, 100% cotton, 100% silk or 100% linen fabric. 2. Wash the fabric with ...
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