What to do if you feel like something is stuck in your throat but there is nothing?


Having been on both ends of this situation, I feel as if I can speak with some authority. One day while covering the ER, an EMT from the Fire Station came in because he "had a fish bone stuck in my throat! This is not something that is covered in
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1. when something gets stuck in the throat and he can not breath, Do the following.-Stand behind him and wrap your arms arround his waist.- Put your fist against his belly above the
Acid reflux, or GERD, can cause the sensation that
I've had this twice before. The first time it was okay for a while but then started hurting when i ate and drank, i went to the doctors and it turned out it was an abscess - I got
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You feel like you have something stuck in your throat because you have tonsillitis. It may also be because of gastroesophageal reflux, esophageal webs, diverticula ...
When I feel like something is stuck in my throat, I would first try to cough it out. If that does not work, I would usually drink a glass of water. If it's still ...
If you feel as if something is caught in your throat, it could be heartburn or GERD. There is also a chance that it could be something wrong with your thyroid. ...
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