Filipino Biologist and Their Contribution?


The Filipino biologists are Benjamin Cabrera, studied life cycles of parasites that led to development of drugs against mosquito vectors, and Clare Baltazar who discovered new species of Philippine parasitic wasps. Adding to the list is Rafael Guerrero,III who discovered tilapia fed with sex hormones converts female fry to male. Angel Alcala, a marine biologist, invented artificial coral reefs.
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Egardo Gomez is a famous marine biologist who did reaserch for the countries foundation of marine biology knowledge. Is that good?
Baldomero Olivera, Jr. In recognition of his significant studies and accomplishments in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology, specifically the discoveries of numerous Conus
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Filipino Scientists
Filipino scientists have contributed to many disciplines, including biology, physics, astronomy, and environmental science. Browse the form below to find out more about these innovators.
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