Who are the filipino and foreign biologist and their contribution?


Baldomero Olivera, Jr. In recognition of his significant studies and accomplishments in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology, specifically the discoveries of numerous Conus peptides which are now in various phases of clinical trials as
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Filipino Scientists
Filipino scientists have contributed to many disciplines, including biology, physics, astronomy, and environmental science. Browse the form below to find out more about these innovators.
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Filipino Biologists Angel C. Alcala Invented artificial coral reefs to be used in South East Asia. Pedro B. Escuro - rice breeding - he developed the dwarf, high-yielding C4 rice
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The Filipino biologists are Benjamin Cabrera, studied life cycles of parasites that led to development of drugs against mosquito vectors, and Clare Baltazar who ...
There are many Filipino biologists ranging from Angel Alcaca to Eduardo Gomez. Angel C. Alcaca invented the commonly used artificial reefs. Gomez studies marine ...
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