Who are the famous Filipino and Foreign Biologist?


known famous filipino and foreign biology?
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Filipino Scientists
Filipino scientists have contributed to many disciplines, including biology, physics, astronomy, and environmental science. Browse the form below to find out more about these innovators.
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i'll give you one: Carmen Velasquez is a specialist in fish parasitology - the study of parasites and hosts among fish. Carmen Velasquez discovered thirty-two species and one new
Filipino foreign biology
hello ernestman... aside from what you have said which i agree, that most Filipinos are industrious & good in English another thing is that Filipinos are really hard working and
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Filipino biologists include Angel C. Alcala, Edgardo Gomez, Quirino O. Navarro, Eduardo Quisimbing, Carmen Velasquez, etc. As for biologists from other foreign ...
A small list of Filipino biologists would consist of people like Angel C. Alcala- Invented artificial coral reefs to be used in South East Asia, Pedro B. Escuro- ...
Filipino Biologists. Angel C. Alcala. Invented artificial coral reefs to be used in South East Asia. Pedro B. Escuro. rice breeding- he developed the dwarf, high-yielding ...
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