How to Find Where Someone is Buried?


Try checking at your local courhouse first, you can view death certificates for free. Depends on where you think they may be buried, check with the churches.
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It's easy to lose track of people over the years. If someone that you've lost track of happened to pass away during that time, one possible step in your grieving process might involve
The US Genealogical web sites can be a big help. If you know the specific county, that can make it much easier. Most county sites have a full listing of cemeteries and some even list
It's not hard to find a person's obit. You can try the news paper, or if you have their info, try the news paper records at their local library.
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Finding a lost grave or a particular grave can prove to be a daunting task if taken so lightly. The best way to find where someone was buried, especially in the ...
If you know where the person was from, you might search the obituaries in that area to determine if it says where the person was laid to rest. Another option is ...
To find where someone is buried in the UK you can use an online resource called findagrave that contains over 66 million grave records. You can try searching there ...
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