What are some foods that start with the letter "H"?


Ham, honey, hearts of palm, hummus, horseradish, hominy, hot dog, hamburger, haddock, Habanero, hamburger helper, ham and pea soup, ham salad, hard salami, hard candy, Happy Meal, hash, hash browns, hazelnuts, head cheese, hearts of palm, herbs, heavy cream, heavenly hash ice cream, hickory nuts, herring, and home fries are some foods that start with the letter h. Hershey's chocolate, Hostess Ho Ho's, Honey Nut Cheerios, Hot Tamales candy, Hostess cupcakes, Hormell Chili, and Honeycomb cereal are some brand name foods that start with the letter h.
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Haribo's, ham, hamburger, horseradish sauce, hot dogs, hot sauce, hotcakes, horse meat, huckleberries, hiijiki, horseradish, hops. There are also many standard fruits, vegetables
Foods that start with the letter 'H' are Ham hocks,
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Foods that begin with the letter H include the habanero, haggis, hamburger, ham, hazelnut, honey and hot dogs.
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