Ford Focus Fuse Box Diagram?


Typically, a diagram for a Ford Focus fuse box can be found in the owner's manual. If you don't have the owner's manual you can purchase a new one through an auto parts store. Most diagrams for a fuse box are also available for download online. The diagram of the fuse box will have an outline of what the fuse box looks like. It will also the sections where the fuses go. The diagram will include a list of each fuse, the fuse number, and what the fuse is for.
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In the repair manual. NAPA, AutoZone.
1. Shut off the ignition in your Ford Focus before you replace a fuse. Find the fuse box near the brake pedal, below and to the left of your steering wheel. 2. Pull the panel cover
The fuse box of the 2003 Ford Focus is located on the driver's side, below
Open the glovebox, squeeze the plastic sides in and let the lid drop down, and theres your fusebox in front of you.
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