Who are 5 foreign chemists and their contributions?


Look at the related question for a list of some famous chemists and their contributions to the field of chemistry.
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Chemists study the structure, composition, properties, and chemical reactions of matter.
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The most infamous of all foreign chemists is Bruno Tesch, sole owner of the firm of Tesch und Stabenow. Unfortunately, what he's most famous for is selling train-loads of Zyklon B
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Give name of foreign scientist and give thier contribution to science and technology Anonymous
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Svante Arrhenius (1859 -1927) He. proposed the equation now known as the Arrhenius equation. He was also one of the first chemists who proposed that when in a ...
There are numerous foreign scientists that have contributed much to society. The include French chemist Louis Pasteur, who contributed the development of pasteurization ...
Well, foreign scientists depends on which country you are from. Throughout history, almost every country has had a chemist known for something. However, many Noble ...
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